Easter Eggs

From time to time I have been asked who Ostara is and why I chose the name for my website/business, until now I haven't really had the chance to answer that question. So, on Easter Sunday, here is a little more about the goddess Ostara, what she represents, and why she inspires me so much.

In Old English, her name was Ēostre, which translates to Easter in modern English. This in itself is derived from the Proto-Germanic austrōn, which means ‘dawn’. The name Ostara comes from the Old High German and holds the same meanings.

She is seen as the goddess of dawn and the coming of spring, and her festival is celebrated during the Spring Equinox – a festival that is still celebrated to this day. Ostara takes place on March 21st each year across the Northern Hemisphere. She brings with her renewal, and new life after the death that winter brings.

Pink Cherry Blossom

Similarly, she is also seen as a fertility goddess, which works in relation to her bringing of new life during the spring. She represented new growth and nurturing during these times, and this is still something that she represents for pagan groups today.

Fertility does not always have to be related to children and birth, however. It can also mean the creation of new ideas, like a form of creative fertility. A mind that is rich with artistic and literary visions, allowing them to create beautiful artworks.

The hare is commonly seen as a symbol of Ostara, and some even depict her as having the head and shoulders of one. This is partially because the date of Easter is so closely related to the moon and its phases, and the hare is a lunar animal. The hare is also seen as a symbol of rebirth, something that we have come to associate the rabbit with in more modern times.

Photo by  Jean-Jacques Boujot  from Paris, France, used under Creative Commons license 2.0 (cropped)   https://www.flickr.com/photos/25622178@N08/4244038981

Photo by Jean-Jacques Boujot from Paris, France, used under Creative Commons license 2.0 (cropped) 


The egg is also commonly associated with her, as it is seen as a symbol of new life and rebirth. This is also an association that has been carried on by Christian Easter traditions as we give each other chocolate eggs on Easter day.

Ostara is a goddess who represents the good in the world. She represents purity, beauty, and the renewal that comes with each year. In addition to this, she is associated with fertility, and I like to see this as a creative fertility, one that allows us to access the most beautiful parts of our minds. She is a strong goddess and one who remains revered to this day.